Ducati Club Race will go on

Most of you will probably wait in suspense for any decisions regarding the upcoming race events at Assen. After having discussed the options with all parties involved, we can now give you clarity about the Ducati Club Race. Carefully read the following because this update is important for you to know.

We will be able to race!
The Ducati Club Race will take place but this time no spectators will be allowed. Only racers and mechanics will be allowed. This means that the TT-circuit will be ours again during the weekend of 28, 29 and 30 May! Within all limitations we will make this race weekend a race party. And we will do our best to let everyone enjoy the special Ducati Club Race atmosphere, including all our friends who need to stay at home. We will update you on all other activities we´ll organize for you. 

The race classes
All scheduled races will take place. This includes all of the following race classes:
–    Desmo Quattro
–    Due Valvole
–    Ducati Open A, B en C
–    Desmo Valvole (all Ducati’s except the Panigale)
–    Ducati Challenge
–    Thunderbikes
–    Euro Singles
–    Euro Classics
–    NK Classics IHRO
–    50cc Eurocup en Freetech
–    Side Cars
–    Pro Thunder All Stars
–    BDB – (Battaglia dei Bicilindrici, Italiaanse BoTT-klasse) – not fully confirmed yet

Quite an impressive list, isn't it :-)? 

Limitations due to Corona
The limitations due to Corona don’t allow any spectators. Therefore there will be no paddock program with merchandise, VIP programs and other specials. Off course there will be tire service and suspension service present for all racers on the paddock. And we will look for a Corona proof alternative for the all-time favourite paddock party on Saturday evening. To be continued…

We don’t have clarity on the number of mechanics allowed per rider. As soon as we have any news on this we will inform you. The same goes for the number of riders per pibbox. What we do know is that we will be using all the paddock space available so we can guarantee the required distance between people. 

The online registrations open as always on the first Monday of March. From march 1st, 20.00h you can enter your registration on www.ducaticlubrace.com. We didn’t change our prices compared to last year. You can check all entry fees on our website.

An important reassurance in thee uncertain times is that, should we be forced to cancel the races due to any tightened regulations, we will refund all the entry fees to everyone. Just like we did last year. There will be no alternative date and no voucher. Just a full refund. That is our promise to you.
We very much look forward to seeing you again during the last weekend of May at the TT-circuit of Assen!!

NB do you want this year's poster click here (large pdf) or here (jpg)